Protection Settings:
How do I enable Sexting Alerts?

Canopy’s Sexting Prevention (on Android) and Sexting Alerts (on iOS) features each offer two levels of protection, Standard and Enhanced Sexting Prevention. Standard detects full nudity in photos, while Enhanced detects partial nudity, including swimwear. For more information on how Sexting Prevention (on Android) and Sexting Alerts (on iOS) work, please visit our FAQ page.

To enable Sexting Prevention or Sexting Alerts for your shield, please complete the following steps:

  1. Open the Canopy for Parents app on your device or log in to the Canopy web dashboard.
  2. Select the shield device for which you wish to enable the Smart Filter. Click Device Settings on the app or Protection Settings on the web dashboard.
  3. Scroll down to the section titled Sexting Prevention.
  4. Click the switch in the upper right corner of the Sexting Prevention section to toggle it from the grey “Off” position to the purple “On” position.
  5. By default, Sexting Prevention (on Android) and Sexting Alerts (on iOS) will be set to Standard, which detects full nudity. To change your Sexting Prevention level to Enhanced Sexting Prevention
    , which detects partial nudity, please see the help article titled Change Sexting Alerts Protection Level.

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