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Uninstall Canopy Shield for Smartphone or Tablet

Canopy’s Removal Prevention feature stops any attempt to remove or disable Canopy Shield without your permission. If Removal Prevention is active on your protected smartphone or tablet, you will need to turn it off before you can remove the Canopy app. 

To disable Removal Prevention:
1. Open your Canopy for Parents app or web dashboard
2. Choose the device you want to remove Canopy Shield from. On the Canopy app, your profiles will appear across the top of your home screen. On the Canopy web dashboard, they will appear along the left side of your screen.
3. If you’re on the Canopy app, click the Device Settings button. If you’re on the Canopy web dashboard, click Protection Settings.
4. Locate the section titled Removal Prevention and toggle the switch to the grey “off” position.

Once Removal Prevention is turned off, follow these steps to remove Canopy Shield from your protected smartphone or tablet:

  1. On your protected device, open the Canopy Shield app (the app icon is green and features the Canopy logo). 
  2. In the upper left-hand corner, tap the menu button. 
  3.  Click Remove Canopy.
  4. Canopy will now automatically uninstall itself from your protected device. The uninstallation process may take a minute or two.

You can also send a request from the protected device to allow removal of Canopy:

  1. Open Canopy shield App.
  2. In the top left-hand corner tap the menu button.
  3. Tap Remove Canopy. A request is sent to the Canopy app or dashboard.
  4. After the accountability partner or parent allows removal either from the Dashboard or the Parent App, open Canopy shield once again and tap Remove Canopy from the menu once again. The App will be removed.

Keep in mind that removing Canopy doesn’t mean you have canceled the subscription and you still have an active account. If you wish to cancel the account please check out this guide

Canopy uses technology called an MDM (Mobile Device Management) profile to offer certain features. On iPhone and iPad, if you delete Canopy Shield app by the common method of holding the app icon until it shakes and clicking the X button, you will be prompted with a notification that removal isn’t allowed. Removing the MDM from the device’s settings is possible if removal preventions aren’t activated.

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