What is Location Awareness and how do I set it up?

Location Awareness will send the account manager notifications when a protected device user enters or leaves pre-selected locations

The alert will prompt a notification to the web dashboard and to the Canopy app, when the device is within 150 Meters (approximately 500 Feet) of the set location

To use Location Awareness first make sure your preotected device is sharing location.  

It is also recommended to enable Notification messages to receive the alerts on the account manager’s device.

  1. Open the Canopy app or web Dashboard, select a device profile from the list and Open settings
  2. Select the Location Awareness and toggle the button to enable the feature.
  3. Tap Add Location and Type in the address and select the correct location from the list
  4. Click Add Location. 
  5. Edit, remove or deactivate Alerts you have set in the Location Awareness tab.

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