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On iPhone and iPad, what is the difference between Removal Alerts and Removal Prevention?

On iPhone and iPad, Canopy offers two features with similar names – Removal Alerts and Removal Prevention. Both are intended to help give you confidence that your child is always protected, but they work slightly differently. Here’s how:

Removal Alerts
Removal Alerts will automatically send you a notification any time Canopy Kids is uninstalled or disabled on your child’s iPhone or iPad. However, it will not prevent Canopy Kids from being removed or disabled.

Removal Alerts are automatically activated on any iPhone or iPad where Canopy Kids is installed. To receive Removal Alert notifications on your parent device’s home screen, you must have the Canopy for Parents app installed and allow it to send you notifications. 

Removal Prevention
Removal Prevention is Canopy’s most comprehensive level of protection. It will completely prevent Canopy Kids from being uninstalled or disabled on your child’s device. It will also prevent the device from being reset to factory settings, which is a common method for removing parenting software. 

Since Removal Prevention adds an additional layer of protection, it takes a few extra steps to set up. It is not automatically activated on any iOS device. For instructions, check out our step-by-step setup guide

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