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How do I activate Location Tracking?

Canopy’s Location Tracking feature allows you to view the location of your protected device on a detailed GPS map at any time, 24/7.

Please note that this feature is only available on devices that have GPS capabilities, such as most smartphones and tablets. Many computers do not have GPS capabilities.

Activating location Tracking takes only two steps:

1. Make sure the Canopy Shield app is installed on the device you wish to track. For installation instructions, visit the Sign Up & Install section of our help site. 

2. In your protected device’s settings, make sure Location Services are enabled. On iPhone & iPad, open the Settings app, go to Privacy and then Location Services, find Canopy Shield, and set Allow Location Access to “Always”. On Android, access your Android Settings menu, select Location Services, turn on “Allow Location Services”. 

To check your protected device’s location, open the Canopy app or log in to your Canopy web dashboard. If Location Tracking is active, you’ll be able to view the device’s location on your dashboard’s home screen. 

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