How does Canopy work with streaming services?

Digital parenting is an ongoing process and journey for families to navigate. Canopy is the best way to protect kids from pornography and sexting, and we also encourage parents to set up parental controls for all streaming services used. 

Canopy Filters All Unrated Content

Canopy filters all web browser and in-app browser images and videos (including those with user-generated content) for nudity but intentionally does not filter streaming services. We know that there are things besides nudity that are not appropriate for children at various ages. 

Parental Controls for Streaming Services with Rated Content

The rating system for shows and programs helps make sure kids are safe from not only nudity but also other inappropriate content. Parents can use the built-in parental controls within each service to shape their child’s viewing experience by selecting the ratings of the content they can access.

Also, Canopy is able to work faster on your device when it allows the streaming service parental controls to do the filtering.

How to Set Up Parental Controls within the 8 Most Popular Streaming Services

We have created guides to help walk you through the process of setting up parental controls to ensure that your kids are safe while watching their favorite shows and movies.

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